Foundation Pack – What’s included?


Coach’s Course Guide 

Coaches Pack

At EquiScholars we all want our learners to be as successful as possible, for this reason we have created a course guide where you will gain some insights into how to help your students be the best learners they can be.

The guide discusses factors that influence learning, how to work with what you have and how to use your core subjects to teach ‘hidden curriculum’ life skills. It also details the benefits of working in a natural environment, the power of connection and communication and the importance of empowering learners to foster their own opinions and self-esteem.

By the end of the guide you will have learnt:

  • How to set up your sessions for success
  • How to remove barriers to learning
  • The power of experiential learning
  • Communication styles
  • How to empower your learners
EquiScholars Coaches Course Guide

Now you are ready to start teaching EquiScholars!


Module 1 – Equine Senses

Learners Pack & Coaches Pack

In this module you will teach learners how horses see, hear and feel the world through visual aids and activities. This module among includes content on

  • How horses see the world
  • How hearing can affect behaviour
  • What special features help a horse to smell better
  • How horses use their sense of smell to keep them safe
  • How to help a horse that doesn’t like the taste of worming paste.


EquiScholars Module 1
Module 2 – Equine Enrichment

Learners Pack & Coaches Pack

The content of this module covers visual aids and activities to teach learners:

  • Why enrichment is an important part of equine welfare
  • The importance of the seeking system
  • What horses really need
  • The different types of enrichment


EquiScholars Module 2
Module 3 – The Basics of Behaviour

Learners Pack & Coaches Pack

This module covers the fundamental principles of equine behaviour through visual aids and activities. Points covered in this module are:

  • How horses organise themselves socially
  • How horses manage their time carrying out maintenance behaviours
  • How evolution has helped to shape today’s horse
  • The importance of meeting a horse’s needs
  • Anthropomorphism
EquiScholars Module 3

Each module contains:

Coach’s Pack: provides all the background content along with activity details. The pack is designed to ‘grab and go’ which means anyone regardless of knowledge and experience is able to pick up the information and run the activity.

Resource Pack: contains all the relevant resources for each activity plus details of the final consolidation activity.

Certificates: to be awarded on completion of each module.

Certificate of Achievement: can be awarded to learners at any point in the course.

Coaches Pack

Provides all the background module content along with activity details.

Learner Pack

Module content in an easy to read format with photo’s infographics and illustrations.

Resource Pack

Visual aids, resource templates, mini games and assessment details.

EquiScholars Certificate

Certificate of completion

To be awarded on completion of each module.

EquiScholar Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement

Can be awarded to learners at any point in the course.

EquiScholar Notch

EquiScholars Notch

Each learner has the opportunity to get a bespoke equine behaviour NOTCH.

Commercial license* to run the program at your venue to as many learners and as many times as you like.


Your venue details and EquiScholars events listed on our official website.


Access to our resource area where you find supporting videos, new activity ideas and rainy day resources.


Media Pack: The official EquiScholars logo and promotional video bundle, the perfect tool to advertise your courses.


Access to our private Facebook for Coach’s where you can ask questions, give feedback and generate ideas.


*Please note that this does not cover insurance, all venues must be approved to work with children and horses.

EquiScholars receiving accolade's
EquiScholar learning Module 1