Mini Module – Consent & Boundaries

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What's it all about?

Our mini-module is designed to be flexible in its approach and can be delivered to groups or 1:1's over a 5 - 6 week period with a measurable online outcomes tracker. The module covers:

"Helping your learners learn" section includes:

Removing barriers to learning

Reducing triggers

Trauma informed care

Spotting demand avoidance

Working with learner's different preferences

The importance of movement in learning

Equine Content:

How horses communicate

Boundaries and consent between herd members

Space bubbles

The importance of personal space

How foals learn about personal space

How a horse shows us it is/is not consenting to an activity

The importance of reassessing personal space bubbles as these can vary daily

Human Content:

Understanding the concept of personal space and boundaries

What is our personal space?

Am I being a Space Invader?

Signs that someone is/is not consenting to an activity

How our personal space and boundaries can change from day to day


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