Horse Play at Home Field Guide and Journal

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Join the Herd: Uncover the Secrets of Your Favourite Animals! Our booklet is a fun-filled guide for kids who have horses or access to them, offering fun and educational activities for kids with horses. It’s the perfect guide for young horse enthusiasts eager to explore and grow alongside their equine friends. Start your journey of discovery and bonding with your horse today!


Welcome to “Horse Play at Home”! This booklet is a fantastic resource for kids who own or have access to horses, packed with fun, educational activities that you can enjoy right at home. “Horse Play at Home” is designed to make every moment you spend with your horse both enjoyable and informative. What’s Inside “Horse Play at Home”?

  • Fun Activities: Discover a variety of activities you can do with your horse that are not only enjoyable but also help you learn more about your horse and how to care for them.
  • Educational Value: Each activity is crafted to teach you something new about horses, from how they communicate to their needs and how you can meet them.
  • Bonding Time: These activities are perfect for strengthening your bond with your horse, ensuring you both enjoy the time spent together.
  • Digital Download: Size Options: Available for digital download in both A5 and A4 formats, easily printable for personal use.

Horse Play at Home” is your guide to creating meaningful, fun, and educational experiences with your horse. It’s perfect for young horse enthusiasts eager to explore the world of horse care and activities. Download your copy today and start a new adventure with your equine friend!


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