What is an EquiScholar?

At EquiScholars, we passionately believe that learning and understanding is paramount when it comes to our Equine friends. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help shape today’s young horse lovers into the future stewards of all domesticated horses.

What does this mean exactly? It means being an advocate for a horse’s needs and welfare; it is being a protector and an outside-the-box thinker. It is about aiming higher and spreading awareness in a positive way, through creativity, diversity and education. It is being a voice for change, having an open mind and a big heart.


EquiScholars receiving accolade's

So, what are some of the core values and qualities that make an EquiScholar?

  • Believing in sustainability; actions and choices that yield positive and maintainable results

  • Practising inclusiveness; treating all beings equally, fairly and with compassion.

  • Embracing innovation and change; always learning and growing.

  • A team player; you are an individual but always do your best to elevate and support others.

  • Curious and questioning – being open to the views and opinions of others, whilst allowing space to question and challenge ideas.

  • Believing in better; horses are such incredible creatures and they have so much to teach us but we have barely scratched the surface of what they are capable of! Through education and practice, there is so much potential and magic to be unlocked.


Animals and humans alike should be treated with respect, empathy and consideration. When we do this, we build better and more positive relationships, enabling others to thrive – whether you’re four legged, two legged or anything else!

When you become an EquiScholar, you represent and uphold these core values, which in turn lay the foundations for effective and dedicated stewardship.

Becoming an Equischolar comes with responsibility, but it also comes with the opportunity to do something new, exciting and incredibly rewarding.

Together, we can help shape the future of how we work alongside Equines, realise their true potential and discover yours along the way too!


EquiScholars horse grazing