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What is an EquiScholar?

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Who are we?


EquiScholars is a unique, activities based educational program that teaches children and young adults to better understand equine behaviour.

Our founders have developed this program after many years of delivering and tailoring bespoke equine training sessions for numerous clients throughout the UK.

The end result is an enjoyable, modular training course that can be easily delivered by any equine establishment, large or small.

Learning about horses

What is it?


The program itself aims to provide its learners with a sound understanding of equine behavioural principles reinforced with fun and engaging activities and to provide equine-based establishments with a unique way of generating revenue.

The EquiScholars program is modular, giving you ultimate flexibility with the curriculum.

This means you can deliver the program in a way that suits you, be it a term-time course, weekend course or a holiday club alongside your existing business to create a secondary income. And with it’s easy to read format, anyone can deliver the content regardless of their experience or knowledge.

EquiScholars learning about horses at a riding centre

The Foundation Pack

What do I get?

Below is a general overview of what’s included in The Foundation Pack.

For a more detailed view please visit The Foundation Pack – What’s included?

EquiScholars Coaches Course Guide


Coaches Course Guide

EquiScholars Module 1

Module 1

Equine Senses

EquiScholars Module 2

Module 2

Equine Enrichment

EquiScholars Module 3

Module 3

The Basics of Behaviour

What else is included in the Foundation Pack?

Each module comes with a Coaches Pack which provides all the information necessary for delivering the program, along with the activities, Learner Packs and Resource Pack. Certificates are also included along with the opportunity to buy receive a bespoke EquiScholars NOTCH. 

Coaches Pack

Provides all the background module content along with activity details.

Learner Pack

Module content in an easy to read format with photo’s infographics and illustrations.

Resource Pack

Visual aids, resource templates, mini games and assessment details.

EquiScholars Certificate

Certificate of completion

To be awarded on completion of each module.

EquiScholar Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement

Can be awarded to learners at any point in the course.

EquiScholar Notch

EquiScholars Notch

Each learner has the opportunity to get a bespoke equine behaviour NOTCH.

Over 50 different activities

Over 28 hours of content



“When teaching the equine senses course I found the resources in the Coach’s pack invaluable. It was easy to understand and really informative and the exercises give you a deeper understanding of how horses see and experience their environment. I would highly recommend this course, it was a pleasure to teach and everyone who has completed it have nothing but positive things to say about it!”


EquiScholars Coach


“The course was very fun and easy to understand, I really enjoyed learning all about equine behaviour, it has helped me to understand why my pony reacts in the way she does and as a result has made our bond stronger!”

Student Review

EquiScholar leading horse on a lead
EquiScholar with horse on rope lea

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